Rush NeuroBehavioral Center – Executive Functioning

The Rush NeuroBehavioral Center’s mission is to empower young people with social, emotional and learning challenges to build on their strengths and thrive in life and relationships.

Haymarket Center

Haymarket Center and Rush began a collaboration in 2010, funded by the Woman’s Board.

Rush Community Service Initiative Program – Pediatric Red Ribbon Program & RU Caring

The Woman’s Board is dedicated to volunteerism and in such has been sponsoring the Red Ribbon and  RU Caring program for year.

Preemie Picnic & NICU Graduate Reunion

The Preemie Picnic, funded by the Woman’s Board provides former patients and their families an opportunity to reconnect with their doctors, nurses, therapists and other NICU families.

Reach Out and Read (ROAR)

Operated by the Rush Pediatric Primary Care Center, ROAR promotes early childhood literacy.


The Woman’s Board is the sole funding source of Kids Shelter Health Improvement Project (KidsSHIP), which provides health care to children and adolescents living in homeless shelters in Chicago.

Grand Rounds Speaking Circuit

The Woman’s Board provides funding to the Department of Psychiatry to host three continuing education series called Grand Rounds.

Rush Day School

Rush Day School, founded in 1967, is a not-for-profit therapeutic school offering education and treatment for autism spectrum and emotionally disabled children ages six to fourteen.

Hospital Guest Relations Woman’s Board Scholarship

The Woman’s Board Scholarship is awarded to a deserving high school or college student volunteer to assist with funding their college education.

Religion, Health & Human Values Memorial Services

The Woman’s Board provides the funding for the Department of Religion, Health and Human Values to host five memorial services throughout the year.