Rush Woman's Board Recliner Donation Supporting Veterans Participating in the Road Home Program at Rush

During the week of August 6th, 2018, La-Z-Boy delivered 14 custom recliners to IMD Guest House, which were placed in rooms dedicated to veterans participating in the Road Home Program at Rush.
- Purchase of the chairs was generously funded by the Rush Woman's Board, for the grant year starting July 1, 2018.
- The electronically powered chairs recline to a zero-gravity position, which is especially beneficial to veterans like Cheryl, pictured here with her service dog, Ari, who recently underwent spinal surgery.
- As the note from Crystal attests, the chairs are also a big upgrade from what was available before the Rush Woman's Board was able to support this initiative.
- Thank you to Rush Woman's Board for your on-going partnership and support of IMD Guest House!