Rush's COVID-19 Response Fund

Since the beginning of April, members and friends of The Woman’s Board have been raising money for Rush’s COVID-19 response. To date, we have raised over $137,000. These gifts went towards helping Rush provide meals to frontline staff, launching COVID-19 research studies, awarding emergency grants to students experiencing financial hardship and offering technology to connect inpatients with their loved ones virtually.

In this difficult time, I know that we are all proud to be associated with and to support Rush University Medical Center.

We would like to recognize our generous members and friends who have contributed to the Rush COVID-19 Response Fund through The Woman’s Board.

Mary Ahern and John Chlebowski
Sarah and Matt Alshouse
Paget Bahr
Steve and Meg Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Bigelow
Stevie and Porter Boggess
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Brock
Dean and Rosemarie Buntrock
Caroline G. Burns
Stephanie and Bradley Byrd
Kevan and Catherine Comstock
Judy L. Cook
Elizabeth and Matthew Denison
Joan P. DePree
Jane Eberly
Mrs. Annie Flanagan
Victoria Frank
Gwen Geller
Hall and Anne Healy
Stephanie Henry
Mark and Melissa Iserloth
Janus Henderson Foundation
Nancy Jaffee and Bill Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kasten
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keenan
Catherine King
Kristin and Bruce Koepfgen
Karen and Liam Krehbiel
Read Lanctot
Anne and David Loucks
Lenore and Bill Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Mancillas
Susan and Mark Matejka
Wentworth McGovern
Susan Merlin
Margaret M. Nelson
Suzanne & Michael Nelson
John and Katie Palmer
Barbara Potter
Mrs. Charles S. Potter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Reid
Reid Beam Associates
Emily and Tom Reynolds
Jennifer and Garrick Rice
Missy C. Romanoff
Erica L. Sandner
Missy and Phillip Shinall
Zig and Don Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stoettner
Laura and Doug Thompson
Suzy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Timbers
Berdine Walker
Adrienne H. Weisenberger
Stephanie Wilson
Winnetka Junior Auxiliary Board

Contributions received as of June 17, 2020.